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Artistic Photography

Curt McClain was drawn to photography while still in high school and has been chasing the light through the shadows ever since. He has a sense of vision that allows him to capture the beauty and grace of things that are all around us. It is his pleasure to be able to share his images with you. 

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Big or small, we can help

Design Services

Over the years we have designed and fabricated for a really wide range of products – from buttons and bumper stickers to billboards – from store displays to Mardi Gras floats, we have done it. We have done a lot of work for friends and also for corporations such as Service Merchandise, Opryland USA, SEGA, Tyco Toys, The Ronald McDonald Circus, and FedEx. What can we do to help you?

And we build things too

Total Fabrications

Most of what we build are fun projects – fun for us to do and fun for the people who see them. We made an exploding outhouse for the circus once, and a steam-roller for a parade float. Recently we created a baby grand piano from scratch to ride in a Mardi Gras parade. Last year we built a porch float for a krewe, and this year we are planning to make several more.